A journal…

"Att se världen i ett sandkorn 
och himlen i en vild blomma,
Det är att hålla oändligheten 
i sin hand och fånga evigheten
i en timme."
- William Blake

"It's a dangerous business, going out of your door.
You step into the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, 
there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." 
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Family situation update

The newest update from my mother regarding their situation! Please read and share 🙏 Thank you!❤️ ” Progress continues, but perhaps not as fast as I want it. The landlord is very kind changing the one bedroom apartment in to a two bedroom putting a wall up in the kitchen making it smaller and no … Continue reading “Family situation update”

BREATH Yoga with Adriene

If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend yoga 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️ Adriene on YouTube has since the start of this year shared a new yoga series called BREATH. As someone who has done yoga and some meditating 😉😌 before I really enjoy this one. The practices are fun, gentle, strengthening och very cleansing for me. … Continue reading “BREATH Yoga with Adriene”


🐇 Första dagen ute efter jul och nyår. Det var inte lätt att få så bra foton trots att de båda är så mycket lugnare nu efter kastreringen, men det viktigaste var att de fick komma ut och skutta och springa 😍

1 januari 2021

🧞‍♂️ Nytt år. Äntligen. Förra året var så konstigt men samtidigt bra på flera sätt. Jag blev så överväldigad när klockan slog tolv. Att 2020 äntligen var slut! Nu är det ett nytt år.Jag vill ta vara på det och ta bättre hand om mig själv. Träna, skriva & måla och fota mer. Lära mig … Continue reading “1 januari 2021”

Please help my family

I know I have written about this before but I need to write about it again. My family needs help. Due to their house being full of mold, so much that it is a risk for their health to live there, they have been forced to leave it – and they don’t have a new … Continue reading “Please help my family”

Free writing

I want to write and dream. Scream the song so loud as you can. Don’t hold back. Just do it. Nothing can go wrong, only everything. I seem to have forgotten how to write and speak my thoughts. The emotions gets in the way and they stop me without warning. Therefore I’m now trying to … Continue reading “Free writing”

Meeting with piglets

Got to help out at the farm where my boyfriend works and I had the pleasure to meet two piglets . They were sooo cute, as you can see. We gave them and all the other animals food, cleaned bunny cages and scooped poop for the horse fields. It was a good day of work … Continue reading “Meeting with piglets”

Good things are coming

Though Covid still roams and we have entered a more strict and hard lockdown here in the Netherlands, good things are still coming. My mother has received help and support from the church nearby where they live and people are donating to her campaign. I am so so grateful for the good in this world … Continue reading “Good things are coming”

Somewhere in the middle

This will be a more personal text in contrast to yesterday’s post about the banned BPD hashtag on Instagram but there will also be a small rant about my spirituality. Since yesterday I have read so many brave and beautiful posts by people with BPD. They stand up for themselves and for the BPD community. … Continue reading “Somewhere in the middle”

Instagram has banned #BPD – Sign the petition! Spread awareness!

This morning I found out that Instagram banned the hashtag for Borderline Personality Disorder – #BPD. (I discovered this late because I have been less active on the platform to give myself some free space. But, Instagram banned the hashtag on November 18 2020. In this post I will share as much information about this … Continue reading “Instagram has banned #BPD – Sign the petition! Spread awareness!”


Today I finished writing in a journal I’ve had for the past two years. At the beginning it was supposed to be a journal of write letters in for my – back then long distance relationship partner – but after a few months I decided to keep it for myself. I didn’t write in it … Continue reading “Journaling”

Castration day

Today I left our babies Bonnie and Bilbo at the vet to get them castrated. I had been so nervous about this day, I couldn’t sleep last night. It felt super weird and lonely without them at home, like there was a hole in my chest. I knew I would get to bring them home … Continue reading “Castration day”

Daily walk

I followed my own advice – dare – to go outside and see what would happen. And did something happen? A little, yes. I saw nature, obviously, and was reminded of the natural flow and abundance of what we call Life. Everything is always in motion, growing – evolving – expanding. There are many jobs … Continue reading “Daily walk”

Writing for myself

I tried out some journal prompts for self-discovery and got super stressed from it, had to rant about it (down below here) and meditate to calm down. The rest of this post has turned out to be a bit of a “life update” post or something like that, even though it’s nothing “new” to report … Continue reading “Writing for myself”

Don’t wait too long with castrating your bunny (*trigger warning for sensitive viewers)

It has been a rough start of the weekend for the babies. As you know, we first thought Bonnie to be a girl but after she started to try and mate with Bilbo, not once or twice but several times(!) we started to wonder. Could Bonnie be… A boy? So we checked and were both … Continue reading “Don’t wait too long with castrating your bunny (*trigger warning for sensitive viewers)”

Going back to the roots

This morning I have spent by reading a very interesting and refreshing blogpost regarding the 12 Universal Laws. I find it fascinating how things always come into my life – and leave it all the same – when I am absolutely ready to receive (and let go of it.) Because for some time now I … Continue reading “Going back to the roots”

Ämne: Corona/Covid-19

För ett par dagar sedan var jag ledsen på Corona. Det tror jag många är och har varit länge. Ett tag var jag helt inne på att det var en stor hoax men nu vet jag inte längre. Det är så många som blivit sjuka och nu har restriktionerna förnyats och blivit mer strikta här … Continue reading “Ämne: Corona/Covid-19”

My first acrylic painting!

I have always loved to paint but because I’m so scared of failing or doing the wrong thing I never allow myself to paint. Yesterday I decided that I shouldn’t do that anymore and so joined a Facebook group for acrylic painting beginners to have some inspiration and support, hopefully some guidance as well, and … Continue reading “My first acrylic painting!”

Min åsikt och erfarenhet av Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts: the School of the Science of Acting

När jag slutade och hoppade av från skolan ville jag absolut göra en slags utvärdering på den, framförallt för att varna andra men jag har inte haft ork eller energi till det. Nu när det är ett år sedan jag flyttade till London för att studera teater på denna ~briljanta, unika~ skola så känner jag … Continue reading “Min åsikt och erfarenhet av Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts: the School of the Science of Acting”

Warning: Scammers on Instagram – targeting pet owners – Real or not?

Topic: Instagram scammer “Aki-Oka Pet Boutique” I don’t know if you have heard of this Aki-Oka before? But a few days ago I got contacted by one fo their “scouts” (@gelochukoy_akioka1 on instagram, however this one has several accounts along with a lot of other accounts like it – how freaky??!) that said that they … Continue reading “Warning: Scammers on Instagram – targeting pet owners – Real or not?”